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Strategic Partnership between Healthcare Providers Chamber and QAI for Enhanced Training and Consultancy in Healthcare

The Healthcare Providers Chamber of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, under the leadership of Dr. Alaa Abdel Majid, has formed a strategic partnership with the American firm Quality Associates International (QAI), led by Dr. Ashraf Ismail. This collaboration is focused on providing training and consultancy services to healthcare professionals and facilities in Egypt.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

- QAI specializes in offering training and consultancy services to develop the capacities of healthcare professionals.

- The partnership aims to bridge the gap between current practices in healthcare facilities and the standards required for accreditation.

- Member facilities of the Chamber receive a 50% discount on these specialized training and qualification programs.

QAI's consultancy services are directed towards preparing healthcare facilities for obtaining GAHAR accreditation.

This initiative is a significant step in enhancing the quality and accreditation readiness of healthcare facilities in Egypt, thereby contributing to the advancement of the healthcare sector and expanding the coverage of Universal Health Insurance by aligning healthcare facilities’ performance with national and international accreditation standards.

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