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Health Informatics and Applications of AI in Healthcare

Program Description

This three-month fourteen-week course provides an in-depth understanding of health informatics and explores the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the healthcare sector. Participants will gain a comprehensive knowledge of information technology fundamentals, health information modules, diagnostic coding systems, and the integration of AI technologies. During the program, will explore the challenges, opportunities, methods of analysis, and ethical considerations related to utilizing Big Data in healthcare. The course will delve into the current applications of information technology and AI in healthcare, emphasizing how AI and machine learning can improve the quality and safety of patient care. Practical sessions and case studies will be incorporated to apply the learned concepts in real-world scenarios.

Program Objectives

  1. Fundamentals of IT and health information systems

  2. Roles of health information modules in healthcare

  3. Understanding DRGs and ICDs

  4. Basics of Big Data in healthcare

  5. Challenges and opportunities of Big Data in healthcare

  6. Applying Big Data analytics in healthcare

  7. Types and management of Big Data in healthcare

  8. Benefits and impact of Big Data in healthcare

  9. Ethical considerations of Big Data in healthcare

  10. Introduction to AI and machine learning in healthcare

  11. Current IT and AI applications in healthcare

  12. Enhancing care quality and safety with AI and machine learning

  13. Practical applications and case studies in AI and healthcare

Program Outline

Module 1: Health Informatics and AI
  • Fundamentals of Information Technology and HIS (EMR, HER, VMR)

  • Health Information Modules (PACS  - CDSS- Lab- Billing)

  • DRGs & ICDs

Module 2: BIG DATA and its applications in Healthcare Sector
  • Introduction to Big Data in Healthcare

  • Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data in Healthcare

  • Types of Big Data in Healthcare

  • Collecting, Storing, and Managing Big Data in Healthcare

  • Analyzing Big Data in Healthcare

  • Benefits of Big Data in Healthcare

  • Applying Big Data Analytics in Real-world Healthcare Problems

Module 3: AI and its applications in Health Sector
  • Introducing AI and Machine Learning in the Health Sector

  • Applications of AI in the Health Sector

  • AI and Machine Learning for Healthcare Data Analytics

  • AI for Clinical Decision Support

  • AI for Quality and Safety of Patient Care

  • Ethical and Legal Considerations in AI and Health Informatics

  • Future Trends and Challenges in Health Informatics and AI

Duration:14 Weeks

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