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Human Resources Management in Healthcare Program

Program Description

The Human Resources Management in Healthcare Program is a twelve-week program, designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the key principles, strategies, and best practices for effective human resources management in the healthcare industry. The Program will cover essential topics such as planning and recruitment for human resources, job analysis, performance evaluation, and return on investment (ROI) on HRM. Through a combination of lectures, case studies, and interactive exercises, participants will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in managing human resources in the healthcare sector

Program Objectives

  1. Understand the role and importance of human resources management in the healthcare industry.

  2. Apply strategic planning techniques to forecast and address workforce needs in healthcare organizations.

  3. Conduct job analysis and develop effective recruitment and selection strategies for healthcare positions.

  4. Implement performance management systems and provide constructive feedback to enhance employee performance in healthcare settings.

  5. Design and deliver training programs to meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals.

  6. Develop competitive compensation and benefits packages that attract and retain top talent in healthcare organizations.

  7. Foster positive employee relations, resolve conflicts, and promote employee engagement in healthcare settings.

  8. Ensure health and safety compliance in healthcare organizations, minimizing workplace hazards and promoting employee well-being.

  9. Utilize HR metrics and analytics to measure and improve HR performance in healthcare.

  10. Stay informed about emerging trends and future challenges in healthcare HRM.

Program Outline

  • Planning, Recruitment and Selection for Human Resources

  • Performance Management in Healthcare

  • Training and Development in Healthcare

  • Compensation and Benefits in Healthcare

  • Employee Relations

  • Health and Safety in Healthcare Organizations

  • HR Metrics and Analytics in Healthcare

  • Emerging Trends and Future of HRM in Healthcare

Duration:12 Weeks

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