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QAI Executives

Quality Associates International (QAI) is led by a team of esteemed executives, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in quality assurance and management. Their profiles showcase their professional backgrounds, areas of specialization, and significant contributions to advancing QAI's mission. These leaders are pivotal in upholding our dedication to excellence, innovation, and setting high standards in the quality assurance industry.

Dr. Ashraf Ismail

Dr Ashraf Ismail _ QAI .jpg

President and CEO of

Quality Associates International (QAI)

Dr. Ashraf Ismail, with over 40 years of healthcare expertise, currently leads Quality Associates International (QAI) as President and CEO, a role he resumed in February 2023. He founded QAI in 2004 to enhance global healthcare services through accreditation systems. His international experience spans over 25 years in hospital accreditation, healthcare quality management, and performance improvement, notably contributing to postgraduate quality education globally. Dr. Ismail significantly impacted healthcare in Egypt as the Chairman of the General Authority for Healthcare Accreditation & Regulation (GAHAR) from 2018 to 2023, developing healthcare regulations and accreditation standards. His tenure at Joint Commission International (JCI) as Managing Director for the Middle East (2009-2019) saw a dramatic increase in accredited organizations, solidifying JCI's global reputation.

An academic contributor and Adjunct Professor at George Mason University, Dr. Ismail has also consulted for the WHO and served as Strategic Planning Advisor to the UAE's Minister of Health. His consultancy work extended across the USA and Middle East, including with Inova Health System. His tenure at Johns Hopkins University and as Director of JHPIEGO’s Regional office led USAID-funded health projects in 14 countries. Now at the helm of QAI, Dr. Ismail's vast experience and leadership are instrumental in advancing healthcare quality and accreditation both nationally and internationally, steering the global healthcare industry towards higher standards of excellence.

Dr. Islam Abouyoussef


Vice President of Quality Associates International (QAI)

Dr. Islam Abouyoussef is a renowned spine surgery consultant specializing in deformities, complex surgeries, and minimally invasive techniques. He works at the esteemed Nasser Institute Spine Department in Egypt. A co-founder and former vice chairman of the Egyptian healthcare accreditation and regulation authority “GAHAR”, Dr. Abouyoussef has been instrumental in developing accreditation standards, conducting audits, and regulatory inspections in healthcare. His pioneering efforts have significantly contributed to international hospital accreditation in Egypt.


Graduating from Cairo University's Faculty of Medicine and earning a Ph.D. in Orthopedics, Dr. Abouyoussef's journey in quality management and patient safety began in 2003. He holds a diploma in Total Quality Management in Healthcare from the American University in Cairo, obtained in 2006. His career spans various healthcare institutions in Egypt and the Middle East, with a focus on implementing and evaluating accreditation standards like Egyptian Accreditation Standards, CBAHI Standards, and WHOPSFH Standards.

As an academic, he's been a faculty member in the Quality Diploma at the American University in Cairo, an MBA instructor, and a contributor to the Joint Commission International’s Quality and Patient Safety Certificate Program. He's also a regular speaker at conferences on quality and patient safety. With international experience in the USA, Spain, and Italy, Dr. Islam is a respected member and trainer in various orthopedic and spine societies, such as EOA, SICOT, and AOSpine, bringing a global perspective to his work in spine surgery and healthcare quality.

Dr. Mahmoud Zied


Executive Director of Quality Associates International, QAI

Dr. Mahmoud Zied, a distinguished physician from the Faculty of Medicine at Mansoura University, brings over seventeen years of healthcare experience. His expertise in healthcare quality and safety management is marked by significant roles over a 15-year span. Notably, he was the Director of the Quality Department at the Directorate of Health Affairs in Damietta Governorate and a consultant in healthcare quality at the General Directorate of Quality, Ministry of Health. At the General Authority for Health Accreditation and Regulation (GAHAR), Dr. Zied excelled as the Director of the Monitoring and Evaluation Department and also led as the General Director of the GAHAR Chairman's Technical Office.

His academic contributions include his role as a lecturer and coordinator for the Egyptian Certified Accreditation Professional Program (EGY-CAP) across various universities. Subsequently, he assumed the position of Director of Monitoring and Evaluation at the Egypt Healthcare Authority (EHA) headquarters.

Dr. Zied's professional development is underscored by a diploma in Total Quality Management, the Egyptian Management Fellowship in Healthcare, and a program from the Joint Commission International (JCI). His outstanding service in the public health sector was nationally recognized when he was selected as one of Egypt's top 10 Governmental Employees in 2022.

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