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Healthcare Is Our Business

We care about health. Healthcare is the industry that promotes, maintains and preserve health.  Quality Associates International chose to make Healthcare industry our business.  This industry must be designed, provided and led with Zero defect in mind.  QAI experts and consultants are committed to make transformation to Healthcare leading the way to Zero preventable Harm, 100% effectiveness, Zero waste and 100% patient centered care.

QAI Healthcare

The Center for Healthcare Design

QAI's team of experts provide technical assistance for designing green field healthcare projects and re-engineering existing facilities, with facility sizes ranging from PHC Centers to Medical Cities. We collaborate with owners and architects to review and ensure compliance with international codes and accreditation standards. At QAI, we believe in doing it right the first time.

Technology placement

QAI's objective is to offer the most efficient and safe technology to organizations. Our experts collaborate with organizations to strategize, procure and maintain secure technology placement. We provide training to staff to ensure proper utilization of technology and implement maintenance and calibration plans for longevity.

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System Engineering 

The healthcare industry is highly complex, requiring sophisticated systems for optimal performance. QAI's experts collaborate with organizations to develop customized healthcare operations systems while constructing walls and placing technology. We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach is not viable and therefore design bespoke systems tailored to each organization's unique requirements.

Healthcare Financing

The financial health of healthcare organizations is critical to their survival. QAI's consultants and experts provide comprehensive consultations on feasibility studies, financing schemes, budgeting, cost accounting, and revenue management. Our team of specialists in utilization and case management develop programs designed to maximize efficiency, ultimately leading to improved financial outcomes.

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Workforce planning

In healthcare, placing the right individual in the right role is paramount. The global healthcare workforce is currently experiencing a significant shortage, exacerbating this challenge. QAI's experts collaborate with organizations to develop comprehensive strategies for workforce planning, development, talent acquisition, retention, and career advancement, ensuring optimal staffing levels are achieved and maintained.


QAI offers a comprehensive program for both Organizational and Clinical governance, encompassing the development and implementation of a system of rules and regulations. We provide training at all levels to ensure competence and emphasize the use of guidelines, protocols, and clinical pathways. Our approach includes the practice of peer review and clinical audits to foster continuous improvement in healthcare delivery

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