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Executive Leadership Program in Healthcare

Program Description

This 14-week, four-course program delivers an in-depth exploration of essential knowledge and skills for healthcare professionals in executive and managerial roles. It covers healthcare governance, leadership, management, logistics, finance and economics, and organizational behavior, tailored to the healthcare business context.

The program starts with governance, leadership, and management in healthcare, focusing on strategic planning, quality alignment, risk management, and the fundamentals of healthcare governance. It then progresses to financial stewardship, diving into the economic principles, financial management, and logistics specific to healthcare, enhancing participants' understanding of healthcare systems, financing, and policy.

Next, the Leading Quality in Healthcare course targets the improvement of care quality through culture building, patient-centered initiatives, and efficient resource management. It empowers leaders to implement lean methodologies and enhance care quality across their organizations.

Finally, the Leadership and Organizational Behavior course addresses the nuances of leading within healthcare environments, covering leadership theories, change management, and team dynamics to foster positive workplace cultures.

Designed for both theoretical learning and practical application, this program includes case studies, group projects, and discussions, ensuring participants can apply concepts in real-world healthcare settings.

Program Objectives

  1. Set and achieve organizational goals with clear objectives and strategies.

  2. Utilize project management principles to plan, execute, and monitor healthcare projects.

  3. Manage healthcare risks to enhance patient safety and organizational resilience.

  4. Foster a culture of quality and safety through integrated governance, leadership, and management practices.

  5. Grasp the development and concepts of healthcare systems, economics, and finance.

  6. Analyze healthcare delivery systems' effects on cost, quality, and access.

  7. Navigate the complexities of health insurance in healthcare finance.

  8. Address current challenges in healthcare economics and finance critically.

  9. Implement logistics management principles within the healthcare industry.

  10. Optimize healthcare supply chains for better inventory and supplier relationships.

  11. Understand healthcare quality dimensions and leadership's role in quality and safety.

  12. Embrace patient-centered care principles to improve care quality.

  13. Strategize for clinical quality improvement and patient safety incident prevention.

  14. Utilize management strategies to enhance patient flow and resource use.

  15. Apply leadership theories to improve decision-making and problem-solving in healthcare.

  16. Promote a positive work culture, employee engagement, and address ethical challenges in healthcare leadership.

Program Outline

Module 1: Governance in Health Sector
  • Strategic planning

  • Project Management

  • Risk Management

  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

  • Fundamentals and types of Governance in Healthcare

Module 2: Financial Stewardship
  • Introduction to Healthcare Systems

  • Concepts of Healthcare Financing

  • Principles of Healthcare Economics

  • Logistics Management

Module 3: Leading Quality in healthcare
  • Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management

  • Role of Leadership in Creating Quality and Safety Culture

  • Leading Patient Centered Care Initiatives

  • Pillars of Clinical Quality

  • Healthcare Safety

  • Utilization Management

  • Lean Management

Module 4: Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Healthcare
  • Leadership theories and models

  • Decision making and problem solving

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Managing conflicts and building effective teams

  • Creating a positive work culture in healthcare

  • Change Management in Healthcare Organizations

  • Leading in complex Healthcare Environments

  • Ethical Leadership and Social Responsibility

Duration:19.5 Weeks

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