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Certified Healthcare Safety Officer Program

Program Description

The Certified Healthcare Safety Officer Certificate Program is a comprehensive three-month education and training program designed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure patient safety in healthcare organizations. The program covers a wide range of topics, including fundamental concepts of patient safety, CPPS Program framework, individual and system approaches to safety, error reporting systems, tools and solutions for safety issues, human factors in healthcare errors, clinical risk management, establishment of an institutional framework for clinical excellence, professional liabilities and litigations, learning from claims analysis, safety concerns in specialized care departments, redesigning error-prone processes, safe health design, role of leadership in achieving healthcare safety, highly reliable healthcare organization, and the role of AI in achieving patient safety.

Program Objectives

  1. Fundamentals of IT and health information systems

  2. Roles of health information modules in healthcare

  3. Understanding DRGs and ICDs

  4. Basics of Big Data in healthcare

  5. Challenges and opportunities of Big Data in healthcare

  6. Applying Big Data analytics in healthcare

  7. Types and management of Big Data in healthcare

  8. Benefits and impact of Big Data in healthcare

  9. Ethical considerations of Big Data in healthcare

  10. Introduction to AI and machine learning in healthcare

  11. Current IT and AI applications in healthcare

  12. Enhancing care quality and safety with AI and machine learning

  13. Practical applications and case studies in AI and healthcare

Program Outline

Module 1: Review and Study course for CPPS exam
  • Culture for Healthcare Safety

  • Leadership Role in achieving Healthcare Safety

  • Patient Safety Risks & Solutions

  • Measuring & Improving Performance

  • Systems Thinking & Design / Human Factors

  • Apply systems thinking to improve processes

Module 2: Achieving Clinical Safety
  • Clinical Risk Management

  • Safety Concerns in Specialized Care Departments

  • Medication Safety

  • Professional Liabilities and Litigations

  • Learning from Claims Analysis

Module 3: Creating robust structure for Patient Safety
  • Safe Health Design

  • Environmental Safety, Fire Safety, Air and Water Safety, and Security

  • Infection Prevention and Control for Patient and Provider Safety

  • Safe Adoption of Technology

  • Role of AI in Achieving Patient Safety

Duration:12 Weeks

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