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Pathway to Accreditation

Quality Associates International (QAI) offers comprehensive solutions to aid in your journey towards Accreditation. We recognize that readiness is a critical component of this journey, and thus provide the necessary resources and training required for optimal preparedness. Our approach includes the provision of system-based, achievable, and affordable solutions, tailored to meet the specific requirements of each standard. At QAI, we aim to equip your organization with the tools necessary to achieve every element of the Accreditation standards, making us your starting point on this journey.

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Standard Orientation and Education

Our tailored First Class Orientation program is designed to cater to all levels of staff within your organization, in accordance with the chosen Accreditation standards. Following this, specialized practical training will be provided to specific groups, addressing their individual needs. This on-site program aims to provide comprehensive training and support to your staff, promoting optimal preparedness for Accreditation.

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Baseline Assessment

QAI's team of consultants will collaborate with your organization's professionals to conduct a baseline assessment utilizing the tracer methodology. This process aims to identify gaps in healthcare delivery, analyzing each gap and developing a comprehensive action plan to address them. At this stage, our team proposes solutions, working with your organization to identify the most suitable, affordable, and practical options. QAI's approach aims to ensure that the solutions provided are tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization

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Project Management 

QAI recognizes every opportunity for improvement as a project, and our team works to build your organization's capacity to manage and execute such projects. We consistently utilize measurement tools to gauge the effectiveness of these projects, with the focus of our technical assistance centered on building capacity to sustain systems for long-term success. Our approach aims to empower your organization with the skills necessary to drive continuous improvement in healthcare delivery.

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System Development

At QAI, we recognize that systems are the foundation of sustainable, high-quality, and safe healthcare delivery. Our team provides technical assistance to design robust systems that endorse high reliability, utilizing lean methodology to streamline processes and eliminate waste, thus promoting agility and resilience. We aim to develop systems that are efficient, effective, and promote a culture of continuous improvement.

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Mock Surveys

Preliminary assessments, utilizing mock surveys employing tracer methodology, will be performed prior to the actual survey to gauge the state of readiness. These mock surveys will replicate the actual survey conditions precisely, enabling staff to become acquainted with the survey methods and techniques. The surveys will be conducted by QAI experts with decades of international experience in accreditation surveys.


Continous Compliance Program

QAI experts, with experience working with numerous accredited organizations worldwide, have identified the primary reasons for lapses in compliance following surveys. To address this issue, the Continuous Compliance Program (CCP) will be implemented within organizations to safeguard the gains made through the accreditation process. QAI experts will collaborate with organizational leadership to establish and maintain the program.

Quality is a Journey, not a Destination.

QAI is committed to walk this journey with your organization 

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