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Healthcare Quality Consulting 

Healthcare Quality Consulting is the consulting arm of QAI that specializes in providing technical assistance to healthcare organizations and countries to establish and maintain effective healthcare accreditation systems. Our mission is to support healthcare organizations in developing, implementing, and sustaining high-quality healthcare services through the establishment of effective accreditation systems that meet international healthcare accreditation standards. We are dedicated to providing high-quality technical assistance to our clients while maintaining the highest standards of excellence, integrity, collaboration, and innovation.

Our consulting services include assisting countries in establishing healthcare accreditation systems, developing accreditation standards that meet the requirements of the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQUA), and providing consultation services to healthcare organizations to build their capacity to implement accreditation standards. We also offer assistance in reviewing the design of healthcare facilities to ensure compliance with accreditation standards, including technology placement to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of healthcare services. We provide full support for the design, development, and implementation of healthcare systems to ensure they are effective and efficient in delivering high-quality healthcare services.

At Healthcare Quality Consulting, we are committed to helping healthcare organizations achieve excellence in the provision of healthcare services through the implementation of best practices and quality improvement initiatives. Our comprehensive range of consulting services is aimed at improving the quality of care and services provided to patients, including the development of systems for clinical effectiveness, safety, efficiency, and patient-centered care, as well as the development of human resources development systems and healthcare information systems that are reliable, credible, cost-effective, and compliant with rules, regulations, and standards.

Consulting Services

Healthcare Accreditation System Establishment

Accreditation Standard Implementation

Healthcare Facility Design Review

Healthcare System Design, Development &

Clinincal effectivness consultation

Technical assistance



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