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Radiation Safety

QAI is a premier service provider of Radiation Safety (RS)/Health Physics ( HP) consultations and Medical Physics (MP) compliance testing  for both X-ray producing units and other radiation equipment

QAI Radiation Safety Qualified Expert (QE), consultants and specialists have a broad scope and tens of years of experience to provide timely and effective radiation safety support for the safe use and remediation of radiation practices at medical healthcare facilities and others practices.


Section Title

Section Title

Radiation Safety Assessment (SA)of radiation sources and facilities

The SA is mandatory by regulations for as an important part of the radiation protection program and license application, it identifies the sources of routine and reasonably foreseeable potential exposures; provides a realistic estimate of the resulting Doses and their probabilities and identifies the resulting radiological protection measures that are needed.

The Safety Assessment shall be proportionate to the complexity and radiation risks of the Licensee’s Activities and may be generic.

Radiation Safety Training.

  • Radiation safety training services for radiation workers, radiation safety personnel and auxiliary personnel. 

  • RS training for medical diagnostic imaging practices.

  • RS training for dental practices.

  • RS training for Nuclear Medicine diagnostic and therapy practices

  • RS training for medical radiotherapy Practices

  • RS Training for radiation screening practices.

  • Radiation Safety Officer(s) training.

  • Radiological and Nuclear Emergency training.

  • Radiation Occupational Health and Safety Training.

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